Assistant City Manager, Community and Organizational Engagement

Full Time Government

Job Description

City of Hillsboro, Oregon

The Opportunity

The Assistant City Manager over Community and Organizational Engagement will assist in carrying out the City Council’s desire to have City services and infrastructure delivered in a creative, collaborative, equitable, and effective manner to the City’s diverse community of residents and businesses. The new Assistant City Manager will lead and support a diverse staff of passionate and talented employees in further developing an outstanding organizational culture that supports excellence, innovation, fun, and a high degree of professional and personal satisfaction.


The Assistant City Manager understands tomorrow’s success isn’t about a single investment or new development. A forward-thinking visionary, the successful candidate sees a future where people, the community, the land, and the economy prosper hand-in-hand. The Assistant City Manager is a thoughtful leader with the right amount of passion, patience, and heart to move the organization forward. This position leads several City departments and work groups, including the award-winning Parks & Recreation staff, innovative Library employees, top-notch Communications and Marketing team, solutions-oriented Human Resources staff, and the heart-centered Community Services team. While these are very different departments and work groups, their services and resources enrich the health, well-being, and quality of life/work-life of City employees and the community.


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About the City of Hillsboro

While greatly respecting tradition, Hillsboro is unlike a traditional City government. It is a financially conservative, yet innovative and forward-thinking, full-service City. Hillsboro takes pride in being open, entrepreneurial, and cooperative in serving residents, businesses, and community partners. Success to Hillsboro means working together to provide excellent municipal services and plan for a bright future for the community.


Bold and optimistic, Hillsboro is growing rapidly and with a purpose — to be the best City government in the universe. The City’s goal is to be the public employer of choice, and employees continually look for opportunities to create the best working environment. Hillsboro is more than a city government. It is a set of values and personality traits that reflect the spirit of the community.



The Assistant City Manager understands and appreciates public service, providing quality of life services and, above all, values a sense of community. The successful candidate has a combination of skills and education that enable success as Hillsboro’s Assistant City Manager, such as a Bachelor’s degree and 10 years of related experience. Experience in public, private, and/or nonprofit leadership is desired. A community-based background, customer interaction, and knowledge of community services is beneficial.

Cover letters expressing your interest in the City of Hillsboro and how you would succeed in the role should be addressed to Heather Gantz. Please submit your resume and cover letter via Waldron’s Candidate Web Portal. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and no later than September 2, 2018.