Manager 2-Encampment and Enhanced Park Maintenance

  • Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Seattle, WA, USA
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Job Description

Support Seattle's efforts to keep our green spaces green!  Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is seeking an experienced and dedicated Manager 2 for Encampment and Enhanced Park Maintenance! 

This position reports to the Parks and Environment Division Director for SPR and is a member of the senior management team. The Manager 2 will manage the work of the Special Maintenance Crew and the Evening/Weekend Crew in the Parks and Environment Division.

These specialty crews assist with projects in the six Park Maintenance Districts and provide support to the Seattle Navigation Team, with the planning and undertaking of homeless encampment clean-ups.  The majority of this group's activities relate to keeping the parks and Right of Way (ROW) areas free of obstructions, hazards and garbage from encampments and RV's. 

In addition, this position works with other city and state departments in the development of policies and protocols related to moving and cleaning encampments, and the planning, strategy, and logistics of encampment cleaning efforts.


  • Plan, prioritize and direct the activities of approximately 20 full-time and part-time employees and additional peak season temporary staff through subordinate supervisory staff.
  • Responsible for ensuring that Staff are trained in all Safety precautions and hazardous training, and instituting those practices in the daily work.
  • Manage staff in the enhanced management of turf, shrub beds, play areas, beaches, athletic fields, comfort stations, and other assets to provide a safe and welcoming experience for park users.
  • Respond to concerns, questions and requests from both internal (Parks and other City personnel) and citizen inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Manage and monitor the budget, exercising sound fiduciary responsibility for a $3 million budget, assuring accurate record keeping, expense distribution and revenue recovery as dictated by the annual budget.
  • For specialty crews, the Manager oversees and directs personnel hiring processes for the unit; safety training, employee development, disciplinary review and other associated personnel issues.
  • Leads strategic efforts within the district and represent the Department at events and meetings, multi-department task forces, or committees related to encampments and homeless issues
  • Build community relationships within the districts, and play a significant role in the overall leadership of the Division as a member of the senior management team.
  • Coordinate maintenance programs and activities with the Park Resources Manager 2-3 days a week (who is responsible for routine maintenance of all Seattle Parks).  
  • Coordinate work with other PE Managers; local and regional community based agencies, Seattle School District, and Citizen groups to ensure that programs and activities meet the needs of our diverse communities.
  • Develops partnerships and collaborate to maximize resources and program efforts with other agencies such as Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT); Seattle Public Utilities (SPU); Seattle City Light; Human Services Department (HSD); other City agencies; and Advisory Councils, neighborhood associations, businesses, and volunteer groups, other community groups.
  • Maintain a customer service philosophy that is responsive and strives to improve park and ROW safety, security and accessibility.
  • Engage in strategic thinking to analyze and evaluate the present and future division needs.
  • Promote and follow the Parks, and City of Seattle mission statements, values, and expectations.

Required Qualifications

  • A bachelor's degree in Parks and Recreation Management, public or nonprofit administration (including social work), horticulture, business, operations or a related field.
  • A minimum of four years professional experience in any of the above fields, with two years managing a large section, unit or division, related to the duties outlined above in a large multi-level public or private sector organization, facilitating diverse groups and interests.
  • Direct experience supervising park maintenance employees and/or working for a landscape, tree, urban forest management, garbage or refuse company directing or leading maintenance crews.
  • Experience managing, regulating and carrying out safety measures and/or OSHA related safety rules
  • Working with maintenance Crews; experience in the removal and managing the cleanup of encampments in urban cities, and forested areas, or any related Park, or landscape maintenance crew
  • Qualifications and experience may substitute for education (Combinations of education, training and experience will be evaluated on an individual basis for comparability).

Desired Qualifications

  • Master's degree in Parks and Recreation Management, Public or non-profit Administration, Horticulture, Social Work, Business, or a related field
  • Experience planning and/or managing and directing large, and/or specialized parks or land maintenance or cleaning crews to perform routine and enhanced parks maintenance for landscapes, turf, comfort stations, athletic fields, etc.
  • Experience managing and directing a multi-skilled, and specialized crew of bio-hazard workers, laborers, heavy equipment operators, and have an understanding of heavy equipment
  • Well versed in the assessment of homeless encampment situations and needs, and the planning logistics for removal of encampments and cleaning.  
  • Community involvement on a local and regional basis
  • Be receptive to new ideas and represent a commitment to civic minded values
  1. Ability to build public and private partnerships
  2. experience creating innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong motivation, delegation and decision-making skills
  • Ability to provide effective leadership
  • Work under pressure with multiple deadlines to work with minimal guidelines or supervision
  • Experience dealing with a variety of personnel issues and working with bargaining unit contracts.
  • Manage the division's budget and to develop biennial budget submittals.
  • The ability to be flexible and comfortable with people at all levels of City government, on local and regional issues.  
  • Able to work with elected officials, advocacy groups, and the community.
  • Dynamic and flexible with a broad range of experience and skills such as:
  1. experience working in a Parks and Recreation environment
  2. understanding, developing and implementing policy
  3. have effective management skills.
  4. strong analytical skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks while changing priorities swiftly.
  5. ability to work collaboratively and successfully with a wide variety of department staff, citizens, and stakeholders
  6. experience in developing and applying problem solving strategies to Parks and ROW issues
  7. ability to work as part of a team within Parks, and with multi-department teams in completing the work
  8. Experience with Microsoft Windows.

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$41.50 - $62.27 Hourly

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