The Best Tips for Priming Your Company’s Talent Pool: A Planned Approach to Pre-Selecting New Recruits (Part Two)

The Best Tips for Priming Your Company’s Talent Pool (Part One) discussed how networking is instrumental in building a solid group of potential new hires. This month in Part Two, we are  discussing a commitment to “sell” the company and help cultivate relationships with ideal recruits.

  • Committed to the Sell

The interview process is as much about discerning a “perfect fit” for the candidate as it is about the company. Be intentional about distinguishing your company. Grab the attention of desirable applicants from the start. 


Restructure Website as a Recruiting Tool

Your company website likely serves more than one purpose. Essentially it tells the what, why and how of your company’s existence.  However, does the content on the website effectively “sell” your company to potential recruits?


The website should be user-friendly from a job seeker’s perspective. Weave in specific key words and phrases to pique the interest of potential applicants.  Address highly anticipated questions a new hire may ask about company culture, employee benefits or office morale.  Get feedback on usability of the website, then coordinate with a consultant to ensure posted jobs and the application process are easily accessible.


Set Proper Expectations for Applicants

In most cases, the job application process for most companies is generally taboo. As a result, interested applicants find themselves in a shroud of uncertainty regarding the proper expectations on how to proceed after submitting an application. Take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate your company from competitors and enlighten applicants on what to expect next.


In the age of technology and automation, utilize an appropriate application tracking system (ATS) to keep applicants aware of their application status. Communication is a simple way to remove ambiguity from the application process and stand out in the minds of potential recruits. Regardless of whether an applicant progresses to a higher qualifying status, communication is key. Some companies fail to follow up with applicants which can be easily viewed as an inadequacy for selling the professionalism of your company.  Additionally, applicants will be grateful for an approximate timeline reference and clarity on whether they are viewed as a preferred candidate.


Keep Interested Parties Informed

When qualified candidates are not offered a position, allow them to opt in for future communications with your company. This presents a perfect opportunity to engage individuals who have officially earned a spot in your company’s talent pool. Incorporate a communications channel through which periodic news, noteworthy accomplishments and job listings can be distributed. A quarterly e-newsletter could do the trick.  This puts you in a position to readily refer qualified candidates to apply for other opportunities within the company.



Increase your chances of  identifying and connecting with future staff members. Take the small, yet significant steps as discussed in this two-part blog and distinguish your company brand to stand out against the competition. Forge relationships with potential candidates through consistent communication or networking efforts and ensure your company stays on the radar of qualified recruits.