The Best Tips for Priming Your Company’s Talent Pool: A Planned Approach to Pre-Selecting New Recruits

Finding the perfect candidate for a position within your company can be stressful, we know. Calculated effort and strategic planning are mandatory requirements for any new hire recruitment process. Factor in a little science as discussed in A Psychologist Approach to New Hire Recruitment and make the job search process a win-win situation for everyone.

“The Best Tips for Priming Your Company’s Talent Pool” is a two-part blog focusing on tips to ensure potential recruits are viable and qualified to fulfill a vital role in the growth of your company. In this first post, we highlight why networking is mandatory.

  • Make Networking a Priority

Developing a strategic approach for how and where potential new hires are identified is extremely significant when trying to land the perfect candidate. Your company can use networking techniques to gain the attention of potential recruits who may go undiscovered otherwise. From HR executives to employees, everyone can play a role in building a strong social network.

Be Social

Join online social interest groups. This is a direct approach to intentionally seek candidates. Start by identifying groups with which your ideal candidates may be a member, participant or follower. Get involved in the conversation. Post jobs within these groups or submit job listings for inclusion in weekly email blasts. Where a job is posted can influence the likelihood of attracting ideal applicants.

Be Specific

Search for resumes posted on niche job boards. These boards are a great resource to help fatten up the talent pool pickings. Stockpile promising resumes of individuals who could potentially be a good fit for the company, even if there is no position available at the moment. Pre-selecting individuals who possess specific skills and professional experience that match the job requirements will also increase the number of desirable resumes for review.

Be Resourceful

Word-of-mouth marketing is still effective. Get your current roster of employees directly involved in the recruitment process by requiring bi-monthly or quarterly participation in local industry events. Pay annual membership fees to relevant professional associations and trade groups. The return could be immeasurable.  By encouraging employees to actively network with new colleagues within the industry, your company acquires another means of connecting with qualified potential new hires.

Incentivize employee involvement in the new hire recruitment process and pay cash for referrals. Employee referrals are typically individuals who have already demonstrated a proven ability to successfully perform the necessary requirements as listed in your company’s job description. Previous work experience and a desirable skill set are invaluable assets as the new hire will require less training due to transferable skills and professional insight.

Looking Ahead

Next month, we’ll post “The Best Tips for Priming Your Company’s Talent Pool” (Part Two) discussing more tips on how to build your company’s network of potential future employees.