Employee Appreciation Day is less than a month away. While it’s not too late to make it a big deal, can you really evaluate whether any effort will even be appreciated? The answer simple. In fact, it’s scientific: understand who your employees are, then offer a token of appreciation to complement their specific core values. Industry and Organizational Psychology is the study of individuals, their interaction with others and how those encounters shape the dynamics of the workplace. According to the American Psychological Association , when IO psychology is properly researched, the findings could be used to resolve work related issues such as hiring the most qualified staff and increasing the level of productivity. However, an initial assessment of your team is necessary. Identify the qualities most important for an employee to be successful in a new position. What type of college degree or level of education is most likely associated with people who possess those ideal qualities? Be mindful to avoid stereotyping. Be Strategic Start recruiting. Request a few trustworthy employees and associates post the job description on their Linked In accounts to gain attention from colleagues within their network. Take the extra step. Incorporate the job post on a niche job board . Focus on the Strengths Asking the right questions can help narrow the list of prospects. During interviews, base situational questions on real scenarios that have occurred or could potentially happen at the company. Evaluate the candidate’s response and the likely reaction of the existing staff. Seal the Deal Having a solid knowledge of the ideal employee will allow you to present some irresistible perks. Think along the guidelines of true work-life balance. For example, one remote work day each week may be a reasonable offer. Conclusion As an employer, a little understanding can go a long way towards building a more effective team. Take the time to understand who your employees are. Identify the strengths as well as any potential deficiencies of the team. Lastly, anticipate potential ways to expand the company benefits for both new hires and existing employees. After all, taking a balanced approach to understanding the psyche of your staff could be a positive step towards improving employee retention.
Marketing is a key component to any successful business. Why not design your marketing plan with consideration on how to positively affect a new hire’s first impression of your business? Let’s face it: When companies recruit new talent, those individuals are not only considering the job position and responsibilities; they are also considering the brand of the business itself. Company values, employee incentives and workplace culture all play a huge factor into the decision of whether a potential employee will apply or even accept a job within your company. Take advantage of marketing tactics to leave an amazing first impression with new hires. Reflect Come to terms with how people see your company and what they are saying about your brand. Start with social media and use hashtags to keep tabs on mentions associated with your company and product or service. Respond to comments whether positive or negative feedback is offered. Investigate search engine listings for the company to verify the company profile and information is accurate and update to date. Don’t forget to look at employee reviews posted to online job boards such as Glassdoor. Recognize faults and strengths within the company as a whole. Once you have a realistic picture of how the company brand is reflected in the real world, address any discovered inefficiencies and move forward with effective communication strategies to help steer the narrative surrounding the company’s brand. Innovate Sharing new ideas and developing more efficient processes will help promote a sense of innovation within the company. This is significant because “forward thinking” employees want to be a part of something new. Innovation also presents potential opportunities to recruit prospective hires. Consider hosting regular events featuring guest speakers who will discuss pertinent industry topics and trends. Invite staff and make it open to the public. An open invitation would attract individuals interested in participating in a dialogue about the specific topic. This approach will likely increase awareness of the company brand and product or service. It would also allow Human Resource recruiters an opportunity to identify highly qualified prospective hires. Simultaneously, those prospects can gain insight into the company culture and initiate relationships with current employees, which in turn can make recruitment a much more seamless process. Build Happy employees are the best recruitment tools a company could ever want. If your company builds an awesome workplace culture, your employees won’t hesitate to brag about their amazing employer. If your company has already hired a talented pool of employees, chances are that those employees have colleagues in the same industry who would love to work for your company. Create an opportunity, perhaps a casual happy hour, where employees are invited to bring along their friends or prospective candidates. Your company can get a sense of whether any of these individuals would be a good fit for the company. Promoting a healthy, fun and productive work environment can help attract the top talent for those positions your company is looking to fill. Conclusion Emphasize an objective driven marketing plan specifically designed to attract new hires. Reflect on how your company is perceived. Be innovative and attract local, talented recruits. Focus on building a work culture about which employees are excited. By showing this level of commitment to your company’s brand, it proves to the world that your company is engaged in the ongoing conversation about the company or its product or service.
A new year is almost here. Kick it off with a strong start and get your employees moving in the right direction. Employee recognition goes a long way to inspire positive action among your staff. Human Resource professionals suggest using a recognition program to reiterate the company’s values to its employees. According to a related survey conducted by Society for Human Resource Management , "Recognition was perceived to positively impact engagement for 90 percent of respondents practicing values-based recognition vs. just 67 percent for non-values based programs. Retention was likewise affected—68 percent of values-based programs perceived a positive impact vs. 41 percent for non-values-based programs.” Let’s take a look at a few simple steps to ensure your company incorporates an effective employee recognition program throughout the year. Identify the Rules Be mindful to identify the rules and make them widely known internally. Ask the following questions: Are the selection guidelines defined and clearly communicated? Does the selected employee understand which specific actions and behavior led to their recommendation? Do fellow colleagues know why an employee is being recognized? If an employee has done something noteworthy, then let it be known! Isn’t that the whole point of employee recognition—to highlight a valuable asset or desired behavior of an individual and inspire duplication in the future? Additionally it is significant for employees to know the selection criteria of the recognition program. Once the rules are communicated, employees can concentrate on improving specific aspects of their work performance and focus on developing certain professional skills and characteristics. Open Policy All employees should be eligible for formal recognition. Yes, ALL employees should be actively engaged in the workplace; therefore, acknowledgment is well deserved whenever any employee exhibits exemplary behavior, positive action or other valued characteristics such as teamwork, leadership, efficient time management, etc. Reinforce this open policy by allowing employees on all levels, staff and management, to participate in the nomination process. This eliminates the possibility of presumptive biases and potential prejudicial allegation being factored into a nomination. Create a Buzz The experience of winning should be exciting and memorable, not dull or predictable. The same should apply to employee recognition. As a company that wishes to honor its employees, it is ideal to emphasis the employee’s achievement deemed noteworthy of acknowledgement. Common methods used to honor recognized employees include a simple gathering, a company sponsored lunch or a brief write up in the monthly newsletter. Don’t be afraid to increase the stakes. Sure, a raise isn’t the most cost effective method of creating a buzz. However, why not offer those “star” employees preferential application status when new job opportunities arise within the company? Or maybe offer to address a need for new equipment or software to increase efficiency within a particular department. Investing in your employees makes them feel valued; this, in turn, invokes a higher retention level. Regardless of the way in which your company expresses appreciation for those who excel professionally, there should be genuine excitement surrounding all employee recognition. Following these three simple guidelines will help your company further emphasize employee recognition as a priority moving forward. Opt to build your company’s employee recognition program on sustainable values already identified as essential to strengthen and inspire the professional growth and dedication of your workforce as a whole.
Achieving corporate diversity is not an easy task; however, it is attainable. Be prepared to develop a well-planned strategy and exert consistent effort in order to successfully recruit a diverse pool of talented candidates. Minority Professional Network understands how to bridge the unspoken divide. We connect corporations with viable job applicants who possess the necessary skills and experience-- applicants who truly are the best candidates for the job. Given the appropriate insight, Human Resource professionals have much to gain from being selective regarding where they choose to advertise job postings online. It is advisable to evaluate the pros and cons of the two types of job boards. While the larger, highly popular boards such as Monster and Careerbuilder are viewed by thousands of job seekers, the smaller job boards play the most vital role in achieving true diversity. Find the ideal audience. One distinguishing factor of a smaller, niche job board is the ability to reach a specific demographic of job seekers. Oftentimes, niche boards concentrate on a target, or distinct audience. Search for the best options based on a variety of variables such as industry, talent or ethnicity. A common challenge corporations encounter when attempting to achieve employee diversity is a lack of knowledge of where to find the best prospects for vacant jobs. Online posting boards like Minority Professional Network allow employers to reach minorities who possess a desired skillset and meet the specified qualifications to fill available positions within the company. Use a more cost efficient alternative. Subscribing to a niche job board can also benefit your company’s bottom line. Take advantage of the deeper discount. Who doesn’t want to get the most bang for your buck? Not only will your job posting get additional exposure through social media, but at MPN, we help corporations post jobs for a fraction of the cost of our larger competitors. For example, it would cost as little as $125 to post one job for 30 days through our site, .  Comparably, charges as much as $375 for the same service. Make the choice today. Don’t miss an opportunity to effectively acquire diverse talent for your company through subscribing to niche job boards. For more information, email or contact our office at 888-MPN.NETWORK (888-676-6389).